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Стиль Surface Dark.

The theme of «Surface» is a fully modernized design IPS in different colors.
We tried to make the best design and make it easier to customize style, so have worked out every detail.
We wish to make as high quality a product as possible and «Surface» will reveal it.

Also in the archive are present:

  • Skin Images (4 custom guestmessage cover backgrounds)

Изменения в версии 1.2.3   Просмотреть список изменений


Version 1.2.3 - 4.3 Global Update

What's new:

  1. Fixed all bugs that people have found
  2. CSS & HTML code optimized
  3. Added goTop button
  4. Added Button Waves Effect
  5. Added new userinfopane types
  6. Reinterpretation Design Elements: Fonts, Settings
  7. Added new the design of the profile
  8. Flipping style elements with flexbox
  9. Flipping style elements with all articles blocks
  10. And much more...

Другие файлы от ☯️♕-SlawkA-♕

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