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    (SD) Company Directory

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    13 Screenshots

    Спешу по делам не стал переводить это не быстро

    Не ставьте на IPS 4.3.x иначе будет ошибка и удалять придётся только через FTP

    (SD) Company Directory 3 is an application designed for IPS Community Suite 4. With this app you gain new possibility to enhanceyour community.

    What do you gain through the app  (SD) Company Directory 3?

    abbility to create unique place in your community, in which members can create business cards
    abbility to build reputation of business card through reviews and ratings
    abbitlity to comment business cards
    abbility to present place on Google maps
    Example realizations

    Company Directory
    Shops directory
    Events directory
    freelancers directory
    Application (SD) Company Directory can be used anywhere where we would like to present something that can be put in a physical location on the map.


    Sorting profiles
    Purchase package in Commerce (nexus)
    Expiring profiles
    Abbility to connect country with city
    Contact form in profile
    Offline message
    Widget newest profiles
    Abbility to copyright removal
    Permission to contact form
    Customer center
    Profile view statistics
    Alpabetical list
    Profiles filter
    Discount codes
    Predefined tags
    Additional main view
    "Favorite" profiles
    Additional profiles
    Additional profile locations
    Abbility to connect field with categories when adding
    Abbility to require state/city when create profile
    Additional category view
    Price list page
    Change profile owner
    Abbility to change language description on mobile + default description in current member lang
    Ability to check-in when you physically visit the company
    Member can set own seo name
    Abbility to turn on/off profile comments/opinions
    Abbility to turn off Contact e-mail address field
    Additional validation postal code field. Allowed chars are digits and dash
    Abbility to hide company profile autor
    Abbility to change sorting profile in categories
    Abbility to create profiles specializations
    Abbility to filter companies by: states, cities, specializations
    Additional fields in company opinion
    Abbility to verify profile
    Ability to add profile without maps
    Ability to update profiles after an update package
    Profiles verification in the customer panel
    Abbiliti to add comment in verification request
    New search profiles
    Ability to add city by user
    Selected groups can avoid paying
    Abbility to assign specialization to category
    Abbility to turn off check-in functionality
    Abbility to turn off follow profiles
    Abbility to turn off global search
    Ability to provide short and full name of the company
    Abbility to random order companies in widget
    Integration with (SD) Sales Portal Pro
    Application redesign
    News system
    Nearby companies
    Remove global search
    Predefined Social Media
    Possibility to define opening hours
    RSS for news
    Ability to add more than one review for company
    Changes to sitemap
    Tab in the profile "visited company"
    Ability to disable feature "You have not found the city? Add it"
    Widget: "Latest opinions"
    Widget: "Latest visited companies "
    Own validator for post code field
    Ability to edit additional fields when editing an opinion
    Ability to filter on additional fields
    Ability to assign additional fields for all categories automatically
    Ability to disable the specialization system
    Moderation tools in the category view
    Extension stream activity (presenting: add to favorites, check-ins)
    Ability to disable the verification system
    Ability to disable requirement to mark positions on map
    Displaying news of a given profile on the profile page
    New look for news
    Promoting company profiles (FB, Twitter, Our pick)
    Recommended comments
    Message in profile
    Answer to opinions
    oEmbed (profiles, comments, opinions, news)
    Completely rewritten news system (new version includes: reactions, messages, comments, promotion, covers)
    Ability to sort in Packages + multilanguage
    Multicurrency in packages
    Ability to limit package use (use limit and package only for selected groups)
    Companies ranking (version beta)

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