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Trophies and Medals 1.0.19

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Приложение Trophies and Medals.


Trophies and medals is the best new way to award trophies to the community in the complete system of rewards! It offers interesting and attractive new way to give a reward ( "trophies and the medal") for your community, based on the conditions and criteria that you get to determine, or you can manually enable moderators to give awards for the unique circumstances! Trophies and medals also includes a REST API, so that the application can be extended to unlimited possibilities.
- Are you looking for the premium application, where you can automatically provide rewards, prizes and medals based on forum posts, topic, and many others?
- Do you want to increase the re-engagement, giving awards? Or you are struggling to grow a new community?
- You want to add new functions Gamification encourage positive behavior as the quality of the wiring?
- Are you looking for more opportunities outside the IPS Leaderboard adjust the levels, types and images of the awards?
- Do you want to monetize Community ($$) and add bonuses for members of the payment?
- Are you looking for a well-supported application using a third-party IPS, which IPS is passionate about supporting the community?
Start creating a complete system of rewards with trophies and medals!
competition - Trophies * * automatically awarded based on the criteria. Criteria defined in the ACP.
Medals - Medals will be awarded * * manually by moderators and administrators. They are listed on the front end.
The app supports both trophies and medals!  

file is an application (.TAR), which can be installed in the ACP.
1. Go to System> Applications  
2. Click on the "Install" button  
3. Upload a .tar file and click on the "Install" button.
Fixed bugs:
Fixed an issue where offline criteria were not raised

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